Easy Buying Of Turkish Properties (Buy In Installments)

It is widely known that investment in real estate in Turkey is the most effective economic investment, and has a significant impact on the growth and development of the Turkish economy day after day. Also, Turkey, which is known for its facilities, provided for foreigners wishing to buy a property in it the opportunity to purchase real estate in installments, which is a successful financing option that allows you to obtain a deferred ownership contract, and this step would make the investor comfortable while paying the installments for buying a house in Turkey.

And through this article, we explain to you the process of buying a property in Turkey in installments, its methods and legal matters regarding it:

What does buying a property in installments mean?

When buying a property in installments in Turkey, you must pay a down payment, which usually starts from 35% of the total charge, with the rest of the payments being paid within a certain period according to the contract and agreement concluded between the construction company “seller” and the investor “buyer.”

It is worth mentioning that there is no specific value for the monthly installments or time limitations to finish paying the installments, and this is due to the agreement concluded between the buyer and the construction company or the bank that handles the real estate financing, so the first payment and the number of remaining payments with their value and the specified period for paying the payments to complete the value of the property are determined.

Turkey provides foreigners with the opportunity to buy a property in installments, equivalent to the Turkish citizen, and certainly with guaranteeing all the rights and benefits that the Turkish citizen has.

How to buy a property in Turkey in installments for foreigners?

Owning real estate in installments and obtaining Turkish citizenship:

In Turkey, Turkish citizenship can be obtained through real estate investment. Previously, it was not allowed to buy a property in installments in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, but in the past years, a simple amendment has been made to this law so that Turkish citizenship is allowed to be granted to real estate buyers in installments. but on condition that the first payment is worth at least $400,000.

Important legal matters regarding the purchase of a property in installments:

There are some important things that you should know when buying a property in installments, including:

• Real estate companies do not transfer ownership to the buyer until completing the payments due from him, and if certain guarantees are provided in favour of the company to guarantee its right.

• As the buyer obtains from the real estate brokerage companies a certified sale contract to authorize the sale of the property to another buyer, in other words, this contract does not mean the transfer of ownership to you, but rather comes as a guarantee of the rights of both parties.

• When the ownership is transferred to another buyer before all the installments due from the old buyer are paid, the construction company that owns the property must be present during the sale process because it is the original owner of the property, and there are no specific conditions for resale, for example, it is not required to pay a certain percentage of the property price or wait for a period of time specified before the property can be sold to a third party. However, the new sales contract entails the payment of additional fees related to the notary public, and the two parties agree on how to pay them.

What are the advantages of buying a property in installments in Turkey?

One of its important benefits is that the investor takes the first step on the way of owning a property in Turkey if the full price is not available, and after purchasing it, he can either obtain residence permit in Turkey according to this property or he can obtain the Turkish citizenship, and this is due to the amount that will be paid as a down payment.

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