How to buy property in Turkey completely online? And What is WEB-TAPU (WEB-DEED)?

property in turkey - buy property in turkey online

Everything you need to know about the online real estate purchasing process and Web-Deed (Web-Tapu)

Why buy a property online?

Looking for real estate requires a lot of time and it can sometimes be complicated if the property is far from where you live. Buying a home online can allow you to visit multiple properties and find the right place to live or invest without losing time, effort, and money. That’s why buying a property remotely is becoming increasingly common these days.

However, whatever your reason for buying a property through the internet, there are certain steps you have to take to ensure the process goes perfectly.

1- Find the Right Real Estate Agent:

It is hard to handle the home-buying process alone, so you should depend on an online sales experienced real estate agent who offers real estate virtual tours and can bring the buying process to the high end efficiently and effectively. 

2- Start your real estate virtual tour: 

property in turkey - virtual real estate tour

Once you’ve linked up with an agent you trust, you can begin shopping for homes taking into consideration (number of bedrooms, the distance to public transportation and bus stops, the building and property features, The home’s overall condition, proximity to social facilities like stores, pharmacies, schools, etc..). You can start your property virtual tour by:

  • watching real estate video tours. Usually, such videos are recorded in high-resolution, focusing on the view and essential parts of the property inside/out like roof condition, windows and doors condition, ceiling condition, flooring condition, interiors, and paint. 
  • connecting online with your agent through zoom or any other video call options, show you around the property and give details. 
  • via 3D real estate tours you can walk through the property inside and outside and see the view.

Find more about our virtual tours here (virtual tours link)

3- Choose the ideal property: 

Remember you can’t easily “return” a property you buy online if it isn’t a good fit. So make sure you’re 100% positive that you want to buy it before submitting an offer.

4- Negotiate real estate price:

In this step, Sales representative’s task is to bring the best price for you and must make sure that the agreed purchase price and sales conditions of the property are listed in the contract. Officially the process starts by paying the agreed deposit and signing the Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement. 

5- Start deed transferring process and make power of attorney to the sales agent/relative

real estate agency is responsible to prepare all the required documents of deed transfer, and you can visit the Turkish embassy or consulate where you live and ask for a P.O.A (power of attorney) to the sales agent or to one of your relatives who live in turkey to buy the real estate and get the title deed on behalf of you. 

6- Payment/Money transfer:

After you finish the previous steps you will be with two Options to make the payment in cash or through money transfer which will be officially paid to the seller/construction company’s bank account. 

How can I make sure that the bank account owner is the real property owner? 

The name of the tapu owner must be written on the title deed and the name must be identical to the one of the bank account owner. 

Note: To avoid any possible problems during the money transfer process, you should mention general information about the title deed like tapu type, property address, property side, etc.. and owner name in the description box.

7-Closing the deal: 

Receive the tapu or title deed and send the deed and other official papers via mail or fax to you to prepare Turkish citizenship application at the Turkish embassy in your country. 

property in turkey - closing the deal


During the pandemic many countries have imposed procedures to protect people , but turkey has already taken a huge step for its citizens and residents and for those who want to own a property in turkey and get turkish citizenship as well but, they do not manage to visit the country because of the pandemic through creating ‘Web Tapu’ which means Web Title Deed or WEB-DEED. 

property in turkey - web deed (web tapu)

What is WEB TAPU?

According to the land registry and cadastre WEB TAPU is a new feature of the tapu system, where :

1- you can manage your real estate from home via the internet, without the need to visit the land registry and cadastre office. People can apply and submit documents for all real estate transactions like sales, mortgages, inheritance transfers. 

2- allows to enter or cancel an entry banning remote execution of real estate transactions. This provides an important safeguard against fraud.

 3- allows title deed owners to access all the information related to their properties. Official ownership certificate, mortgage document and extract from the cadastral register can be obtained through the system without visiting the cadastral office. 

4- Property owners can give access to other persons (buyer,realtor,etc.) to view information about their real estate.

How can I let other people access my property information?

There are authorized user logs into the web tapu system. The owner can write down his/her e-state password and allow others to view the details of the permitted real estate. 

5- Users of the system can bring real estate transactions to the last stage without visiting the cadastral office.

6- In addition to all these features WEB TAPU allows real estate owners to send documents and submit an application electronically, receive SMS notifications in case of missing documents, track the stages of the application, pay fees too. 

7- Web-Tapu provides services to companies too through the “corporate login” or “institutional login” to Web-Tapu. By means, company representatives can also get information about the real estate record and apply for real estate transactions without visiting the land & cadastral office.

8- Realtors and appraisers too can access the Web-Tapu system and use many of the application’s services and perform the necessary operations.

Which transactions can be performed within WEB TAPU?

Through the electronic system of turkish title deed people can manage their properties and apply for: 

  1. 46 real estate transactions (sale, donation, transfer, etc. …), 
  2. 20 cadastral transactions, 
  3. 2 cartography transactions, 
  4. 5 operations with documents in the Ottoman language and old records, 
  5. enter information and documents for the operations performed, 
  6. confirm documents and authorize third parties or realtors to perform such actions 

How does WEB TAPU work?

In order to register on WEB-TAPU system:

1- For Turkish residence permit holders:

After accessing, in the upper right corner, you will find the “For foreigner” login option, you have to click on it. Then, click on the “register now” button. After that the registration page will be displayed on the screen. And, complete the registration process by setting your password and entering the requested information with “foreigner ID number YKN or tax ID number VKN or passport number” correctly. Make sure to update your contact details (phone number and email) on your profile page so that you can be informed throughout your application process.

2- For Turkish citizens:

After accessing, in the upper right corner, you will find three “Institutional-Individual-For foreigner” login options, click on “individual” or “bireysel” tab. Then, click the “e-Devlet ile Giriş” or “Access through e- Government ” button on the screen to follow and proceed after verifying your password on the e- government. After the verification, the homepage of web-tapu will be displayed on the screen ; make sure to update your contact details (phone number and email) on your profile page so that you can be informed throughout your application process.

Note : You need to have an ID number and e-Government (e-Devlet) password in order to access the system. 

In case you do not have an e-Government password, you can receive it by visiting the nearest post office (PTT center) and proving your identity.

Web Tapu System is available in 5 different languages (English, German, Russian, Arabic and French).

The Bottom Line On Buying A House Online:

Buying real estate online can be a good option for many people like parents who want to buy homes for their children abroad or real estate investors, the process is the same as buying a house in person; but through this way you have to choose a trustworthy reliable real estate agent to find the right property which can provide high return or investment (ROI), guide you through the paperwork, and attend the closing.

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