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How to buy property in Turkey completely online? And What is WEB-TAPU (WEB-DEED)?

Everything you need to know about the online real estate purchasing process and Web-Deed (Web-Tapu) Why buy a property online? Looking for real estate requires a lot of time and it can sometimes be complicated if the property is far from where you live. Buying a home online can allow you to visit multiple properties and find the right place to live or invest without losing time, effort, and money....

Is it safe to buy a property in Turkey (Full Guide 2021)?

People today are mainly focusing on several issues before they decide to buy a property in turkey. Some of these issues are related to the property itself like: the original owner of the property, title deed validity, debt-free property, the title deed transfer process, well-constructed building, and earthquake resistance. In addition to other remarkable circumstances like political stability,...

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