Turkish citizenship

Easy Buying Of Turkish Properties (Buy In Installments)

It is widely known that investment in real estate in Turkey is the most effective economic investment, and has a significant impact on the growth and development of the Turkish economy day after day. Also, Turkey, which is known for its facilities, provided for foreigners wishing to buy a property in it the opportunity to purchase real estate in installments, which is a successful financing option that...

turkish citizenship 2022

Turkish citizenship stages | How to get Turkish citizenship 2022

A recognizable increase in demand to own a property in turkey to get Turkish citizenship and reside or invest there. After buying real estate in Turkey and transferring the ownership of the real estate, the crucial step of “applying for Turkish citizenship” comes. Most reliable real estate investment companies are responsible to run the Turkish citizenship application process. However, the foreign...

property in turkey

How to buy property in turkey 2022

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable recovery after the fluctuation happened because of the pandemic covid 19.  But, the year 2022 could bring great benefits for real estate investors due to many factors we will discuss in this article. Besides that, we will list the steps you must follow to buy real estate in Turkey 2022. Turkey runs a number of huge projects that could...

sea view real estate

The Most Prestigious Sea View Projects in Istanbul Turkey

Owning a property with a sea view or having direct access to the sea is people’s dream!Yes, is highly desirable today; because of the covid-19 pandemic, people are preferring to live in open living spaces where they can get clean air, have a healthy life, enjoy fabulous views, do some activities as well as reach all the amenities. Besides that, the increase in demand for coastal properties is also...

turkey residence permit

Turkey Residence Permit (Full Guide)

Non -Turkish citizens who want to visit Turkey with the intention to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days need to apply for obtaining Turkey Residence Permit upon arrival or before visa expiration. Without a residence permit, your stay in Turkey will be considered illegal. In this article, we will list the types of Turkish residence permits and discuss each one of them to know which type is suitable...

Depreciation in turkish lira

Depreciation in Turkish lira and its impact on the real estate market in turkey

During the year 2021, the Turkish lira has lost about 46.50% of its value against the dollar and more than 38% against the euro...the two questions that are asked by many people who own real estate in Turkey and who wish to invest in real estate there, are, what is the future of the Turkish lira? and what is the impact of the Turkish lira’s decline on the real estate market?  Before...

cheap property in turkey

Why property is cheap in turkey?

Real Estate Prices Have Been Increasing Significantly in Turkey Since 2017. According To Trading Economy; The Housing Index In Turkey Increased To 185.30 Points, Which Records The Highest Figure Reached Since 2011. Despite that, real estate in Turkey is still cheap compared to property prices in different countries like Greece, Brazil, Spain, etc.. Today we will answer one of the most frequently asked...

real estate fraud

How to avoid real estate fraud & protect your investment in turkey

Many Foreign Visitors Have Taken A Great Interest In Buying Property In Turkey, As Well As Foreign Investors Have Chosen Turkey To Set Up Their Real Estate Investments Since The Country Provides them Huge Benefits.  But foreign investors and buyers are afraid of buying or investing in real estate in Turkey due to the increasing number of fraudulent reports regarding real estate, which is mostly...

turkey flag-turkey citizenship by investment

Turkey citizenship by investment: How to get Turkish citizenship

Turkey citizenship by investment program might be one of the hottest topics nowadays especially since the program was amended in 2018... It provides the investors the freedom to invest in the country and gives them a number of great incentives as well as lets them get it.  We will throw light today on how to get Turkish citizenship by investment; what are the benefits of Turkish citizenship and...

investing in turkey

All about investing in turkey-What incentives are provided for foreign investors in turkey

Turkey has improved its investment environment by providing incentives,tax-exempts, and other benefits to investors regardless of location, amount, and fields.  But, why investing in turkey is important? Where does Turkey rank in the world by GDP? What incentives does Turkey provide for investors? And more.. Why invest in turkey? 1- Fast-growing economy: turkey has one of the...

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