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Our story

With over two decades of experience in real estate investment and hundreds of successful transactions in the Middle East and African regions, we were able to expand the scope of our investments to the European market through Turkey where we see huge potential for growth and return on investment. 

Our investments in Turkey began in 2013 through investing and managing Luxera for real estate company and becoming one of the company’s board of directors. Nowadays, Luxera is considered one of the top construction and property development companies in Turkey because of its modern investments in regions like Başakşehir and Güneşli Basın Ekspres. As well as we expanded our investments to include other sectors like Education, Manufacturing, capital, and financial investment management.

In 2015, we contributed to the establishment and management of Safir International School. It is the first international school in Turkey that was able to integrate the English and Arabic languages ​​into its curriculum besides teaching the Qur’an and the Turkish language. It is one of the largest international schools in Turkey with a capacity of 1000 students.

Thereafter, our educational investments expanded by opening five branches of the Turkish Safir Schools in several destinations in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

Our OG Company is a real estate investment company (residential, industrial and commercial) that mainly focuses on selling, purchasing, and managing real estate assets for foreign and Turkish investors. OG is Keen on effective cooperation and interdependence between all related parties and strives to ensure the interests of all the partners especially the client in achieving higher return on the investment.

Our office is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Istanbul in the Basaksehir district. Basaksehir is the modern face of Istanbul that attracts many foreign investors. It has a very modern infrastructure and many luxurious properties, besides having distinguished health, educational, social, and cultural facilities. 

OG Company is a large family that consists of experts in the field of management, sales, marketing, financial accounting, legal affairs, and property development from many different Turkish and Arab nationalities to provide our clients with many services that include:

1- verify the property owner and the validity of the title deed

2- Ensure the property is free of debts or mortgages.

3- Negotiate the property price to get the best one.

4- Calculate all property transferring costs that may include taxes and fees.

5-  Prepare all the needed documents such as: translating and notarizing identity documents, issuance tax ID number, opening a bank account, issuance property price determinant, obtaining permission from the military authorities for ownership.

In addition to providing post-purchase services such as: 

1 – Repairing and renovating old properties or executing construction projects from scratch with highly qualified real estate developers.

2- Execution of interior design and decorating projects thanks to our distinguished engineering and technical staff.

3- Applying for a residence permit for you and your family.

4- Submitting your file to obtain Turkish citizenship if the total value of your properties in turkey is 250,000$ and above.

5- A guarantee of renting or selling the real estate without loss and with high-profit potential.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to total customer satisfaction more than anything.
  • We value honesty, loyalty, and dedication. 
  • We are interested in building long-term, trusting relationships with the clients and OG team.
  • We know that our company’s future success rests mainly on knowledge, skills, and work ethic. 
  • We are committed to excellence, creativity, and innovation to keep pace with development and modernization.
  • We strive to ensure the success and continuity of our company name.

Our vision

  • Our company’s vision is to become one of the leading companies in real estate investment and construction in Europe and Turkey, by providing the best real estate investment opportunities and an integrated series of post-purchase services.

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