living in turkey

Living in Istanbul: Pros and Cons for Foreign Expats

There is no doubt that Turkey is a distinguished destination for many Arab and foreign nationalities because it is one of the most important emerging countries in the Middle East.In recent decades it has attracted many tourists and visitors who are coming to settle for study, work or investment due to the several facilities and privileges provided by the Turkish government.But we should not ignore the...

all about turkey

10 things to know about Turkey

Where is Turkey located? Is Turkey an Asian or European country? Turkey is a transcontinental country it occupies an area of 783,356 sq. km. 97% of Turkey's area is located in Asia mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia and the rest in Europe in an area called Tarakia on the Balkans in Southeast Europe, the region where the largest city of Turkey is located, which is Istanbul.  Turkey is bounded on...

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