One Of Istanbul’s Most Quite Areas Buyukcekmece – Kıyı İstanbul

Location of Buyukcekmece:

Buyukcekmece is located in the European section of the metropolis of Istanbul, between the regions of Beylikduzu and Silviri, and the view of the Buyukcekmece area is one of the most beautiful and quietest areas of Istanbul, due to its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city and its presence in parallel with a large part of the coast of Marmara, its location and its presence on the sea has directly made many people who wish to settle and own a property in Istanbul be attracted to live there.

Importance of Buyukcekmece Region:

In addition, Istanbul’s increasing value made it a magnet for investors who revived the spirit of urban development in residential complexes, as well as luxury villas, which received its share of luxury and mastery of high-quality construction, as well as its share of unique sea views.

Buyukcekmece is classiefied among the most suitable areas for holidays and summer vacations. Its clean, organized and calm streets and the presence of all the services made life in it integrated, luxurious and comfortable. In the next section of our article, we will review these services and tourist places in it, as we will mention the most important projects in it.

The increase in residential and recreational projects in the Buyukcekmece region made its provision of all services a necessity, and it has recently received a great deal of attention and all the necessary services were established in it such as hospitals, transportation, schools, universities, and shopping centres.

Buyukcekmece includes many educational facilities from public and private schools and universities, and the most important international schools nearby are: Al-Fayez International School and Istanbul International Schools.

In terms of hospitals and health facilities: the options are very numerous. Buyukcekmece contains private, governmental and university hospitals, as well as dispensaries and clinics. The area is sufficiently healthy in terms of health.

As for transportation, the area is fully serviced from both the land and sea sides. The municipality of Buyukcekmece, in cooperation with the Istanbul Public Transport Company, has provided the residents with all means of land transportation such as buses, the metrobus and metro both will reach it soon, While by sea, transportation to and from the municipality of Buyukcekmece is very easy because of The government’s maritime public transportation as well as seaports, we will mention the most important of it later.

In terms of nature, this area contains one of the most beautiful and largest parks in Istanbul, which is Tepecık Çamlik, which tourists visit to entertain themselves and to spend the most beautiful times in nature. It also includes many beaches such as Buyukcekmece Beach and Albatros Beach, which includes walking paths as well as Mimar Beach. Sinan, which includes several restaurants and cafes.

As for the infrastructure of the Buyukcekmece region, this region includes the tallest television broadcasting tower in Europe and the third-largest in the world, which gives the region an increased investment value. We will not forget to mention the commercial centres, exhibitions and water cities (such as Aqua Marina, which is one of the most attractive places for tourists in the summer And the paved streets in it, all of which have added an investment value to the area.

As for the most beautiful and largest project in Buyukcekmece, service and entertainment, which is still under construction, is Kıyı İstanbul Marina.

Kıyı Marina Istanbul:

With a record investment of more than half a billion euros, starting from the point where the Sea of ​​Marmara meets Buyukcekmece Lake, close to the historic Mimar Sinan Bridge, one of Istanbul’s most important and largest projects are being implemented, which is Kıyı  Istanbul Marina, which is the largest entertainment city in Buyukcekmece.

This project will include a huge marina for yachts with a capacity of 1000 yachts with a length of 1200 meters, a bazaar section consisting of 7 sections, each section is inspired by a city in Europe, and it is said that the organizers have drawn inspiration from the seven hills of Istanbul to make the project planning 7 fields And 7 streets with the names of European capitals as follows: Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, London, Vienna and this bazaar contains buildings that have been inspired by the most important buildings in Europe, visitors will feel as if they are sometimes in the Rodin Museum in Paris, and sometimes in the Vienna Opera House, and sometimes at Palazzo Marino in Milan.

 The bazaar is built by drawing inspiration from the places belonging to famous poets and writers who lived in these seven cities or the original buildings that reflect the character of the city. With an area of ​​5000 square meters, a huge cinema hall of 4000 square meters, and a meeting room, the project also contains several outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a spa.

There will be more than 200 stores in the bazaar section which was built on a total area of ​​88 thousand square meters, 81 thousand of which are closed and 7 thousand are open. The project will include a recreation area of ​​20 thousand square meters, conference centres and an organization area with a capacity of 1000 people for celebrations of special days. The goal of the founders of the project is to direct 60-70 thousand people to visit the beach daily, and the number of people who can visit the bazaar is more than this number.

The project includes a huge car park with a capacity of 3,200 cars and the most important transportation nearby:

IDO sea bus.

 Public transport IETT public transport buses.

 It is located 5 minutes from the E5 motorway which houses the metrobus.

Thus, we see that Kiyi Istanbul provides the residents of Buyukcekmece with a complete social and commercial life, and the Buyukcekmece region, in general, is an excellent residential location for families and lovers of tranquillity and natural scenery, and the investment value of real estate projects in it will increase in the coming period.

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