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One Of Istanbul’s Most Quite Areas Buyukcekmece – Kıyı İstanbul

Location of Buyukcekmece: Buyukcekmece is located in the European section of the metropolis of Istanbul, between the regions of Beylikduzu and Silviri, and the view of the Buyukcekmece area is one of the most beautiful and quietest areas of Istanbul, due to its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city and its presence in parallel with a large part of the coast of Marmara, its location and its...

turkish citizenship 2022

Turkish citizenship stages | How to get Turkish citizenship 2022

A recognizable increase in demand to own a property in turkey to get Turkish citizenship and reside or invest there. After buying real estate in Turkey and transferring the ownership of the real estate, the crucial step of “applying for Turkish citizenship” comes. Most reliable real estate investment companies are responsible to run the Turkish citizenship application process. However, the foreign...

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How to buy property in turkey 2022

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a remarkable recovery after the fluctuation happened because of the pandemic covid 19.  But, the year 2022 could bring great benefits for real estate investors due to many factors we will discuss in this article. Besides that, we will list the steps you must follow to buy real estate in Turkey 2022. Turkey runs a number of huge projects that could...

turkey and metaverse

Turkey and Metaverse: How to Buy Digital Real Estate

“We will be in the metaverse with our operations,” Mansur Yavaş, the mayor of Ankara, announced on his Twitter account on Jan. 6.  However, while the idea of a Fictional world was once fiction and just in our imaginations, it now looks like it could be a reality in the future. So the impossible become possible. What is Metaverse? A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused...

technology in turkey

The Technology in Turkey’s Vision

Turkey is working to become a global tech giant. The year 2021 saw important events with huge participation, Turkey conducted several significant projects in technology, defense, and aviation from aircraft to electric cars, satellites, and more.  Today we will discuss how Turkey is working toward becoming one of the top technology leaders in the world and what projects are implemented for its...


Taksim – All About Taksim Square in Istanbul

Taksim is located in Beyoğlu in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. It is the main communication and transportation hub and a popular destination for both tourists and residents of Istanbul in that It is considered the heart of modern Istanbul.  The famous Taksim Square was crafted by Pietro Canonica and inaugurated in 1928. Taksim square is surrounded by a number of travel agencies, hotels such...

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Turkey Residence Permit (Full Guide)

Non -Turkish citizens who want to visit Turkey with the intention to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days need to apply for obtaining Turkey Residence Permit upon arrival or before visa expiration. Without a residence permit, your stay in Turkey will be considered illegal. In this article, we will list the types of Turkish residence permits and discuss each one of them to know which type is suitable...

Property prices in turkey

Are property prices in turkey falling?

Endeksa indicated that the average housing price in Turkey is about 3700 Turkish lira (290$) per square meter. This means the property prices in turkey in general increased by 23.6% on an annual basis to November 2021.   Property Prices changes in Turkey over 5 years Based on Fortune Magazine, Turkey, led all countries for the fifth straight quarter in the fastest-growing home prices on...

Depreciation in turkish lira

Depreciation in Turkish lira and its impact on the real estate market in turkey

During the year 2021, the Turkish lira has lost about 46.50% of its value against the dollar and more than 38% against the euro...the two questions that are asked by many people who own real estate in Turkey and who wish to invest in real estate there, are, what is the future of the Turkish lira? and what is the impact of the Turkish lira’s decline on the real estate market?  Before...

cheap property in turkey

Why property is cheap in turkey?

Real Estate Prices Have Been Increasing Significantly in Turkey Since 2017. According To Trading Economy; The Housing Index In Turkey Increased To 185.30 Points, Which Records The Highest Figure Reached Since 2011. Despite that, real estate in Turkey is still cheap compared to property prices in different countries like Greece, Brazil, Spain, etc.. Today we will answer one of the most frequently asked...

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