Turkish citizenship stages | How to get Turkish citizenship 2022

turkish citizenship 2022

A recognizable increase in demand to own a property in turkey to get Turkish citizenship and reside or invest there. After buying real estate in Turkey and transferring the ownership of the real estate, the crucial step of “applying for Turkish citizenship” comes.

Most reliable real estate investment companies are responsible to run the Turkish citizenship application process. However, the foreign investor must know all the applying procedures and follow his/her Turkish citizenship file stages. 

Today we will discuss the Turkish citizenship stages and how to follow them and more. 

First of all, what are the steps for obtaining Turkish citizenship in 2022? 

According to the decision taken at the Presidential Cabinet meeting held a few days ago; It was decided to increase the value of the real estate to be purchased in order to obtain Turkish citizenship from 250 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars provided that the property must be held for three years minimum. And The regulation will enter into force once it will be published in the Official Gazette in a few days. 

1- Choose the appropriate real estate in turkey which is worth 400 thousand dollars and more. 

Note: Several properties can be purchased regardless of the property’s location, type and value, provided that the total value of the real estate purchase in Turkey is 400 thousand dollars or more in order to accept the investor’s file. 

2- Negotiate the price, pay the agreed deposit and sign the real estate sales promise agreement.

3- transfer the amount of real estate price to the seller’s bank account.

4- transfer the ownership to the land registry office.

5- prepare and submit the needed documents for Turkish citizenship.

How To Apply For Turkish Citizenship?

You must submit the following documents:

1- A valid passport,

2- 2 biometric photos of each member of your family,

3- Residence permit or valid visa on your passport,

4- Marriage certificates, birth certificates for children (who are under 18),

5- Photocopy of the Title deed (Tapu),

6- Certified payment receipt from buyer’s and seller’s bank accounts.

What is the verified payment receipt?

A receipt verified transferring the money to the real property owner. 

To avoid any possible fraud The Turkish government imposed a new regulation in 2022 regarding real estate buyers who want to get Turkish citizenship, this regulation states that; the buyer must transfer the amount of real estate price in a local bank that operates in turkey to the real seller and must mention the owner’s name on the payment description and ensure the name must be identical to the one on the title deed and the bank account too as well as you should mention general information about the title deed like tapu type, property address, property side, etc. 

What Are The Rules Of Turkish Citizenship?

1- be at the age of maturity possessing the distinguishing power according to his/her own national legal system, or according to the Turkish law if she/he is stateless;

2- have the intention of settling in Turkey and prove this intention with action;

3- not have any disease that constitutes a danger to public health;

4- be a person of good morals;

5- have an income or profession to provide for his own livelihood and those of his/her dependants in Turkey;

6- not pose a threat to national security and public order;

For those who reside in turkey in turkey for 5 years to get Turkish citizenship they must also carry out the two following conditions:

7- be residing in Turkey for five years, without interruption, prior to her/his date of application;

8- speak an adequate level of Turkish.

Where To Apply For Turkish Citizenship? 

the investor must submit the file in person to the Directorate General of Migration Management (GOC IDARESI) where her/she resides. After submitting the file they can track their application through the website of the Directorate of Population and Citizenship, by filling the bars with the application number and date of application that they should get while they are applying for citizenship. 

To follow your Turkish citizenship application stages click here.

7 stages of Turkish citizenship application 2022: 

  • 1st stage: registering the application and approving the application
  • 2nd stage: the file is sent to the relevant institution
  • 3rd stage: the file is initially checked
  • 4th stage: the longest and the most important stage, it indicates an extensive audit of the file, after which it is archived.
  • 5th stage: The file is sent to the Council of Ministers for the purpose of approving the file
  • 6th stage: At this stage, the final decision is made regarding naturalization
  • 7th stage: Here, the person concerned is informed of the outcome of the file from the authority through which the application was submitted.
turkish citizenship 2022

Cases Of Turkish Citizenship file rejection:

  • Forging certificates or papers when applying for Turkish citizenship
  • Not providing all the needed documents.
  • Not certifying the required papers at the notary.
  • The market value of the property does not meet the required value which is 400 thousand dollars or more. 
  • In the event that the investment is by establishing a company, the investment is made is worth less than 500 thousand dollars or does not comply with the policies and principles of companies in Turkey.
  • If the person is wanted by law for a crime or military service or has a criminal background. 

What Are The Benefits Of Turkish Citizenship?

  • Investors can obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 to 6 months.
  • Applicants can bring their spouses and children (who are under 18) along with them.
  • No minimum residency or language requirement for investors.
  • Real estate investors can get a solid investment with rental returns. 
  • Easy access to the United State and Schengen countries.
  • Children can access the education system in turkey for free.
  • Full healthcare assistance included.
  • Pension programs are available.
  • Turkey Passport holders are allowed to travel to more than 110 visa-free countries.

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