The Most Prestigious Sea View Projects in Istanbul Turkey

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Owning a property with a sea view or having direct access to the sea is people’s dream!
Yes, is highly desirable today; because of the covid-19 pandemic, people are preferring to live in open living spaces where they can get clean air, have a healthy life, enjoy fabulous views, do some activities as well as reach all the amenities.

Besides that, the increase in demand for coastal properties is also because of the increasing number of yachts and sails. In January, Istanbul made 51 million 29 thousand dollars of total turkey exports in the ship and yacht sector. Izmir followed Istanbul with 17 million 816 thousand dollars and Ankara with 1 million 24 thousand dollars.

Where to buy Sea view property?

Turkey is one of the best regions to buy a coastal home since it’s surrounded by four seas; the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean to the west, the Sea of Marmara between the European and Asian landmasses, and the Black Sea to the north.

The famous bosporus which is located in Istanbul provides the path from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean via the Sea of Marmara.

The sea is why Istanbul is a favorite destination of the world, where you can find anything you want, where your dreams can come true within its deluxe residential sea view projects which offer a high standard of living and a great experience.

Here are 6 of the most prestigious and wonderful sea view projects in Istanbul varying in price and location:

1- OG 117

The unique small city, OG 117, one of the most prestigious residential projects in Istanbul, is located in the European part of Istanbul in Beylikduzu. It’s a perfect choice for residing or investing due to its strategic location, fascinating views, luxury services, and luxury apartment finishes.

79% of the project area is green spaces and it offers different types of building concepts (apartments, duplexes, and villas).

2- OG 230

Is where you can all things in one place, commuting between home, work and with kids too, where you can reach any destination of Istanbul in a very short time while you normally spend 45 minutes on average in traffic if you live in any other part of Istanbul.

this project offers a high quality of life for residents, the sea welcomes you upon arrival. it provides all kinds of luxury services; you have the access to almost all water sports, enjoy its restaurant and cafes along beaches, do shopping, and many more). as well as, it’s only 5 minutes away from educational institutes of European standards.

3- OG 116

OG 116 is Located in a fancy district of Istanbul called beylikduzu, with a direct view of the Marmara sea. It combines the unique nature of Istanbul and modern luxury construction.
Charming views on internal parks, fully integrated services, and high-end apartment finishes with different types where residents can experience a calm and fancy life.

4- OG 174

A fabulous project that combines the views of Marmara sea and Buyukcekmece lake, it’s located in Buyukcekmece.
What makes the OG174 location very strategic is that it’s situated directly on the E-5 highway.
Large Green spaces surrounding the project inside out.

Besides its high-end finishes and luxury construction, OG174 provides families with all types of services and amenities separated for women and men and playgrounds for kids too.

5- OG 112

A fully integrated residential project in Istanbul, Situated in Büyükçekmece.
It is designed to be a residential resort inspired by the 5-star hotels of Antalya and the first project in Istanbul to include an aqua park and golf.
It offers a fascinating view of Büyükçekmece Lake and Marmara sea, an open mall concept with 52 stores available for sale or investing, high-quality apartment finishes with an earthquake-resistant design.

6- OG 215

A fancy life offering the unique beauty of the Marmara Sea in Atakoy, one of the best and central districts of Asian Istanbul.
Each apartment in the project provides charming and spectacular views of the Sea and gardens with its large terrace.
With no vehicle entry, its gardens offer direct access to the 1.2km coastal band.
An exclusive lifestyle is at OG 215 where you can enjoy a series of fancy services; luxury stores and restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, SPA, etc.

7- OG 214

A project in the center of ancient Istanbul close to the city center, tourist and historical sites. It’s located in Kadikoy and has charming views of the Marmara Sea, it provides a high standard of living with its fancy apartments and integrated services which offer a calm and prestigious life for residents.

In addition to being close to Bağdat Avenue which is one of Istanbul’s classy streets on the Asian side that is full of famous restaurants and fancy cafes.

Does investing in real estate in turkey worth it?

several reasons for real estate investment in turkey:

  1. Reasonable Real Estate Price: Real estate prices in Turkey, in general, are still very competitive in comparison to other countries like (Spain, Portugal, and Greece).
  2. Turkish Citizenship Opportunity: Foreign nationals who are purchasing real estate in Turkey with a total value of 250,000$ or more have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship for themselves and their families.
  3. Lower Cost Of Living: According to Numbeo, the Cost of living in Turkey is, on average, %57.23 lower than in the United States, while the rent there, on average, is 83.40% lower than in the United States. And a family of four estimated monthly costs is 17500 TL without rent which is approximately 1300$. 
  4. lower Peoperty Tax: the tax on property percentage in Turkey, which is 0.001%, is below the total tax percentage taken in the world. 
  5. Modern Construction Technology Adoption: Many construction firms in Turkey are taking steps to improve construction and infrastructure by adopting technologies
  6. Turkey’s Unique Geographical Location: Turkey is the bridge between east and west. And the unique Mediterranean climate makes Turkey one of the most attractive destinations in the world. 

How to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship by real estate investment is the fastest and easiest way to win citizenship among other ways. Investing in real estate in Turkey for a total amount of $250,000 or more, and the investments must behold for at least (3) years ensures that you can Turkish citizenship in a very short period.

The benefits of turkish citizenship?

  • Investors can obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 to 6 months.
  • Applicants can bring their spouses and children (who are under 18) along with them.
  • No minimum residency or language requirement for investors.
  • Real estate investors can get a solid investment with rental returns. 
  • Easy access to the United State and Schengen countries by holding turkish passport.
  • Turkey Passport holders are allowed to travel to more than 110 visa free countries.

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