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The Best Opportunity For Investors: Owning a Property In Turkey

Owning a property in Turkey, and investing in real estate is one of the most promising investments, and this sector has recorded a resounding success and has helped attract thousands of foreign investors. In this article we will answer the most frequently asked question: Is the investment in Turkish real estate an opportunity? What are the best states for real estate investment in Turkey?Anadolu Agency...

all about turkey

10 things to know about Turkey

Where is Turkey located? Is Turkey an Asian or European country? Turkey is a transcontinental country it occupies an area of 783,356 sq. km. 97% of Turkey's area is located in Asia mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia and the rest in Europe in an area called Tarakia on the Balkans in Southeast Europe, the region where the largest city of Turkey is located, which is Istanbul.  Turkey is bounded on...

turkish citizenship 2022

Turkish citizenship stages | How to get Turkish citizenship 2022

A recognizable increase in demand to own a property in turkey to get Turkish citizenship and reside or invest there. After buying real estate in Turkey and transferring the ownership of the real estate, the crucial step of “applying for Turkish citizenship” comes. Most reliable real estate investment companies are responsible to run the Turkish citizenship application process. However, the foreign...

turkey residence permit

Turkey Residence Permit (Full Guide)

Non -Turkish citizens who want to visit Turkey with the intention to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days need to apply for obtaining Turkey Residence Permit upon arrival or before visa expiration. Without a residence permit, your stay in Turkey will be considered illegal. In this article, we will list the types of Turkish residence permits and discuss each one of them to know which type is suitable...

real estate fraud

How to avoid real estate fraud & protect your investment in turkey

Many Foreign Visitors Have Taken A Great Interest In Buying Property In Turkey, As Well As Foreign Investors Have Chosen Turkey To Set Up Their Real Estate Investments Since The Country Provides them Huge Benefits.  But foreign investors and buyers are afraid of buying or investing in real estate in Turkey due to the increasing number of fraudulent reports regarding real estate, which is mostly...

turkey flag-turkey citizenship by investment

Turkey citizenship by investment: How to get Turkish citizenship

Turkey citizenship by investment program might be one of the hottest topics nowadays especially since the program was amended in 2018... It provides the investors the freedom to invest in the country and gives them a number of great incentives as well as lets them get it.  We will throw light today on how to get Turkish citizenship by investment; what are the benefits of Turkish citizenship and...

investing in turkey

All about investing in turkey-What incentives are provided for foreign investors in turkey

Turkey has improved its investment environment by providing incentives,tax-exempts, and other benefits to investors regardless of location, amount, and fields.  But, why investing in turkey is important? Where does Turkey rank in the world by GDP? What incentives does Turkey provide for investors? And more.. Why invest in turkey? 1- Fast-growing economy: turkey has one of the...

turkish passport types

Turkish Passport 2021: All you need to know about Turkish Passport (Full Guide) & Green Passport To Exporters Program

Being a Turkish citizen or willing to obtain Turkish citizenship means you should have full knowledge about Turkish Passport and its types, visa-free and visa-required countries, the Green passport to exporters program, and much more. Types of Turkish passport: Turkish Passport has 4 types: Public Passport (Maroon color):  In Turkish Umuma mahsus pasaport, or Brodo pasaport. It is...

property in turkey - buy property in turkey online

How to buy property in Turkey completely online? And What is WEB-TAPU (WEB-DEED)?

Everything you need to know about the online real estate purchasing process and Web-Deed (Web-Tapu) Why buy a property online? Looking for real estate requires a lot of time and it can sometimes be complicated if the property is far from where you live. Buying a home online can allow you to visit multiple properties and find the right place to live or invest without losing time, effort, and money....

tapu in turkey - contract and keys

All you need to know about Tapu in turkey!

There are different types of title deeds tapu in turkey, For this reason, people who want to acquire property should have full knowledge about the title deed of the property they want to get. So, what is the Turkish title deed for those who want to own a property in turkey? How many types of title deeds are there? What are the deed types and colors?  What is tapu means in turkey? Tapu...

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