Turkey citizenship by investment: How to get Turkish citizenship

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Turkey citizenship by investment program might be one of the hottest topics nowadays especially since the program was amended in 2018… It provides the investors the freedom to invest in the country and gives them a number of great incentives as well as lets them get it. 

We will throw light today on how to get Turkish citizenship by investment; what are the benefits of Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport by investment; and more. 

How to get Turkish citizenship?

turkish Id - how to get turkish citizenship

There are several ways you can get it;

First, Turkey citizenship by investment:

“Turkey citizenship by investment” program is the fastest and easiest way to win citizenship among other ways. 

How much to invest in turkey to get citizenship?

Who wants to get turkey citizenship by investment must meet one of the following conditions :
  • Have a capital investment in turkey with a minimum of $500,000,
  • Hire at least 50 Turkish citizens in total at companies located in turkey,
  • Investing in real estate in Turkey for a total amount of $250,000 or more, and the investments must behold for at least (3) years,

Note: Investors have the right to own multiple properties as long as the required amount ($250,000)is reached.

  • Deposit in Turkish banks that operate in Turkey with a total amount of $500,000 and more, The deposited amount will be blocked for three (3) years with the applicant’s request.

Second, Turkish citizenship by marriage: 

after 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen. 

Third, Turkish citizenship by birth: 

Those who have one Turkish citizen parent or both parents are Turks.

Fourth, Turkish citizenship by employment: 

work residence permit holders after completing 5 years (60 months) of work under contract with completed SGK premium payments.

Fifth, Turkish citizenship by adoption:

A child who is under the age of maturity and adopted by a Turkish citizen can get Turkish citizenship from the day he/she is adopted.

Sixth, Turkish citizenship for special merit: 

Those who achieved outstanding achievement in fields like business, science, arts can get The Turquoise Card. 

What is the Turquoise Card?

it is similar to the green card, it is considered as a residence permit with an unlimited period, and the cardholders have priority in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Does Turkey allow dual citizenship?

The Turkish citizenship law indicates that Dual citizenship is possible. And Dual nationals are not required to use their Turkish passports to enter or leave Turkey; they are allowed to travel with a valid foreign passport (or national ID card for some nationals) and the Turkish National ID card.

note: Since some countries do not allow dual citizenship, Turkish citizens must in some conditions give up their Turkish citizenship in order to be a citizen of another country.

What are the rules of Turkish citizenship?

According to the Turkish citizenship Law, Conditions required for applying to the Turkish citizenship are:

1- be at the age of maturity possessing the distinguishing power according to his/her own national legal system, or according to the Turkish law if she/he is stateless;

2- have the intention of settling in Turkey and prove this intention with action;

3- not have any disease that constitutes a danger to public health;

4- be a person of good morals;

5- have an income or profession to provide for his own livelihood and those of his/her dependants in Turkey;

6- not pose a threat to national security and public order;

In addition, two other conditions must be carried out by those who reside in Turkey for five years and wish to acquire Turkish citizenship:

7- be residing in Turkey for five years, without interruption, prior to her/his date of application;

8- speak an adequate level of Turkish.

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship by investment has several advantages for investors: 

  • Investors can obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 to 6 months.
  • Applicants can bring their spouses and children (who are under 18) along with them.
  • No minimum residency or language requirement for investors.
  • Real estate investors can get a solid investment with rental returns. 
  • Easy access to the United State and Schengen countries.
  • Children can access the education system in turkey for free and.
  • Full healthcare assistance included.
  • Pension programs are available.
  • Turkey Passport holders are allowed to travel to more than 110 visa free countries.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship?

If you are a property investor you need to submit the following documents:

1- A valid passport,

2- 2 biometric photos of each member of your family,

3- Residence permit or valid visa on your passport,

4- Marriage certificate, birth certificates for children (who are under 18),

5- Certified payment receipt from buyer’s and seller’s bank accounts,

6- Photocopy of the Title deed (Tapu).

Where to apply for Turkish citizenship? 

You must submit the file in person to the Directorate General of Migration Management (GOC IDARESI) where you reside. After submitting the file you can track your application through the website of the Directorate of Population and Citizenship, by filling the bars with the application number and date of application that you should get while you are applying for citizenship. The final step you and your family names are published in the Turkish official gazette will conclude that Turkish citizenship has been granted and completed.

Turkish passport by investment:

Bordo passport - how to get turkish citizenship

What are the types of Turkish passport?

Turkish passport has 4 types:

1-Public Passport (Red Passport): It is granted to all Turkish citizens and foreigners who hold Turkish citizenship.

2-Special Passport (Green Passport): granted to senior government officials in Turkey.

3-Service passport (gray passport): granted to public officials, journalists and others.

4-Diplomatic passport (black passport): granted to ambassadors and diplomats.

What are the benefits of Turkish passport by investment?

1-Visa-free to 111 countries.

2-Ease of obtaining a Schengen visa, which gives the right to enter all 26 Schengen Zone Countries.

3-It costs only 1260₺ around ($146) for a 10-year passport.

4-Those who got Turkish citizenship are entitled to obtain a Turkish passport directly.

5-The passport is shipped and delivered within 7 days.

How to apply for Turkish passport?

To apply for a Public passport (Bordo Passport) you must submit the needed documents in person to the provincial and district population directorates within turkey.

And the required documents to apply for turkish citizenship are:

1- T.C. identity card or temporary identity document,

2- One biometric photograph (taken in the last 6 months),

3- In case the legal representatives are not present at the application center; consent letter for restricted or underage persons,

4- Payment approval of passport book and fees.

5- Old passport if the applicants have.

The green passport for exporters:

green passport - how to get turkish citizenship

The green passport grants visa-free travel to many countries across the globe. In 2017 “Principles for Issuing Special Passports to Exporters” were issued to facilitate the access of foreign markets to Turkish exporters. 

Exporters or export companies with an annual average exports of:

  • 500 thousand dollars to 10 million dollars in the last 3 years able to get only one green passport (one representative), 
  • 10-25 million dollars able to obtain 2 green passports (two representatives)
  • 25-50 million dollars able to get 3 green passports (three representatives)
  • 50-100 million dollars able to get 4 green passports (four representatives)
  • Above 100 million dollars are able to obtain 5 green passports (five representatives)

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