Turkish Passport 2021: All you need to know about Turkish Passport (Full Guide) & Green Passport To Exporters Program

turkish passport types

Being a Turkish citizen or willing to obtain Turkish citizenship means you should have full knowledge about Turkish Passport and its types, visa-free and visa-required countries, the Green passport to exporters program, and much more.

Types of Turkish passport:

Turkish Passport has 4 types:

Public Passport (Maroon color): 

turkish passport types - bordo passport

In Turkish Umuma mahsus pasaport, or Brodo pasaport. It is given to ordinary Turkish citizens who don’t meet any of the following passport types. and this type of passport is usually received by foreigners after obtaining Turkish citizenship. The public passport consists of 38 pages.

Special Passport (Green color): 

turkish passport types - green passport

In Turkish Hususi pasaport, or Yesil pasaport. It allows its holders to travel to most European countries without visa . We will mention the countries below. 

It is given to government employees who are first, second, or third-grade public servants and public servants who have retired too, provincial and regional (Non-metropolitan) mayors, academicians who have at least 15 years of experience,  the spouse and unemployed children (under 25 years) of special passport holders,  members of the Banking Regulatory Authority and former members of the national assembly. The special passport  consists of 30 pages

Service stamped Passport (Grey color): 

turkish passport types - gray passport

In turkish Hizmet pasaportu, or Gri pasaport. It is given to citizens who travel abroad for governmental purposes like: National athletes, who work  in international organizations, of which the Republic of Turkey is a member of. Red crescent members, Turkish aeronautical association employees, and the spouse and unemployed children (under 25 years) of service  passport holders. Service passport consists of 28 pages.

Diplomatic Passport (black color): 

turkish passport types - black passport

In turkish Diplomatik pasaport or Siyah pasaport. It is given to senior government officials to formally represent the republic of turkey and their families.  The Diplomatic passport consists of 28 pages.

How to get Turkish Passport?

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship ang get turkish passport immediately:

1- Turkish citizenship through investment:

You can get Turkish passport by investment.. Turkish citizenship through an investment program is the easiest way to win a second nationality in a timely manner. The Turkish citizenship by investment program was established in 2017 and it became very attractive to those who want to obtain Turkish citizenship especially when the minimum investment figures were reduced in 2018. it indicates that investors who want to get Turkish nationality must meet one of the following conditions :

  • Have a capital investment in turkey with a minimum of $500,000,
  • Hire at least 50 Turkish citizens in total at companies located in turkey,
  • Investing in real estate in Turkey for a total amount of $250,000 or more, and the investments must behold for at least (3) years,

Note: Investors have the right to own multiple properties as long as the required amount ($250,000)is reached.

  • Deposit in Turkish banks that operate in Turkey with a total amount of $500,000 and more, The deposited amount will be blocked for three (3) years with the applicant’s request.

2-By birth:

Who have one Turkish citizen parent or both parents are Turks.

3- Through marriage:

After 3 years of marriage to a Turkish citizen. 

4- Through employment:

work residence permit holders after completing 5 years (60 months) of work under contract with completed SGK premium payments.

5- For special merit:

those who achieved outstanding achievement in fields like business, science, arts can get The Turquoise Card. 

What is the Turquoise Card?

it is similar to the green card, it is considered as a residence permit with an unlimited period, and the card holders have priority in obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkish passport 2021:

turkish passport types

What are the benefits of Turkish Passport?

Turkish passport gives a bunch of benefits to holders like: 

  • Visa-free to 111 countries.
  • Ease of obtaining Schengen visa, which gives the right to enter all 26 Schengen Zone Countries.
  • It costs only 1260₺ around ($146) for a 10-year passport.
  • Those who got Turkish citizenship are entitled to obtain a Turkish passport directly.
  • The passport is shipped and delivered within 7 days.

Is Turkish Passport good(valuable)?

According to Henley Passport Index In 2019 the Turkish passport ranking was 52, but because of the covid-19 pandemic, the Turkish passport ranking 2021 56 with 111 visa-free destinations.

Visa free countries that Turkish passport holders can visit such as: 

Qatar, South Africa, Jordan,  Brazil, Morocco, Iran, Thailand, Tunisia, Peru, Hong Kong, and Georgia.

Countries Turkish citizens can get their visa on arrival like: 

Maldives, Lebanon, Cuba, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

Countries that give electronic visa are Mexico, Jamaica, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Visa requirements for Turkish citizens: 

There are 116 visa required destinations such as: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, USA, China, Algeria, UK. 

UK visa for Turkish Passport holders:

According to UK Visa Blog during the first quarter (Jan-March) of 2019, the UK visa success rate for Turkish citizens was 87.46% and only 12.4% of the applicants were refused due to uncompleted applications and other issues. Around 120K Turkish citizens apply for UK visa from Turkey every year, and most of the citizens are applying for a visit visa.

TAP HERE to Check UK visa fees .

Schengen visa for Turkish citizens:

Turkish passport holders can easily apply for Schengen visa. Schengen visa is a short period visa, allows visitors to travel to any country of the Schengen Area and stay for up to 90 days per trip for tourism or business purposes.

Schengen visa holders have the right to enter all 26 Schengen Zone Countries like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland freely with no customs controls. And more than 15 million people used Schengen visas to travel to Europe in 2019.

Turkish Passport Application Process 2021:

Where can I apply to get turkish passport?

Turkish citizens can apply for a Public passport (Bordo Pasaport) within the country in the provincial and district population directorates.

While applications for special passports (Gri pasaport) and service passports (Yesil pasaport) are submitted to the provincial civil registration and citizenship directorates within the country or abroad at foreign embassies.

Turkish passport duration and fees:
Turkish citizens have the choice to get Turkish Passport for a minimum of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or for a maximum of 10 years. Turkish passport can be renewed without any time limit. 

How to get an appointment for Turkish Passport?

Appointments can be made via https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr  or the Call Center (Alo 199).

How much does Turkish Passport cost? 

Total fees of turkish passport 2021:

  • 407,20 Turkish Liras for 6 Months
  • 512,10 Turkish Liras for 1 Year 
  • 722,20 Turkish Liras for 2 Years 
  • 950,20 Turkish Liras for 3 Years
  • 1265,40 Turkish Liras for 4 Years to 10 Years 

Note: all the fees above include the booklet fee which is (180 Turkish lira). And the special passport applicants are exempt from the passport fee and only subject to the booklet fee of 180 TL.

Turkish Passport requirements & Photo Size:

  • T.C. identity card or temporary identity document,
  • One biometric photograph (taken in the last 6 months),
  • In case the legal representatives are not present at the application center; consent letter for restricted or underage persons,
  • Payment approval of passport book and fees.
  • Old passport if the applicants have.
turkish passport types - biometric photo

Turkish Passport biometric photo size and quality:

Dimension 50mm x 60mm

Resolution: 300dpi

Photo parameters: Head height: 34 mm and From the top of the photo to the top of the hair: 10 mm

Special passport (green passport) for exporter:

The green passport grants visa-free travel to many countries across the globe. In 2017 “Principles for Issuing Special Passports to Exporters” were issued to facilitate the access of foreign markets to Turkish exporters. 

However, recently the export limit of $1,000,000 was reduced to $500,000.

Exporters or export companies with an annual average exports of:

  • 500 thousand dollars to 10 million dollars in the last 3 years able to get only one green passport (one representative), 
  • 10-25 million dollars able to obtain 2 green passports (two representatives)
  • 25-50 million dollars able to get 3 green passports (three representatives)
  • 50-100 million dollars able to get 4 green passports (four representatives)
  • Above 100 million dollars are able to obtain 5 green passports (five representatives)

The spouse and unemployed children (under 25 years) of special passport holders can obtain the green passport too.

Special stamped passport is valid for 4 years.

How to get Turkish Green Passport?

Through applying to the civil registration and citizenship directorate after preparing the necessary documents and payments. And the appointment for the green passport application can be made online on the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs page. 

What are the needed documents to apply for Turkish special green passport?

  • Prepare Green passport request letter addressed to the Ministry of Interior.
  • If you are an employee, first you have to prepare a Green passport request form approved by the authorized person in the institution you work for. Then the form will be reviewed and approved by the civil registration and citizenship directorate. You can check the form status via‏: http://www.pgm.adalet.gov.tr/formlar.html 
  • 1 biometric photo (5 x 6 cm)
  • TC Identity card
  • Old passport if available 
  • Payment document of the passport book fee 180 TL.
  • For those under 18: Consent from parents.

What are the countries Green Passport holders can enter without a visa? 

67 destinations green passport holders can visit easily where red passport holders cannot enter without a visa. Some of them are visa-free countries, some need to obtain E-visa, other countries give visa on arrival.

Countries like Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates give special passport (green passport) holders 90 days of stay. 

Some countries like Russia and Myanmar give 30 days Electronic visa. 

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