Can foreigners buy property in Turkey? How to invest in real estate in Turkey

تملك الأجانب في تركيا - مدينة في تركيا

You want to invest in or buy a real estate in Turkey but, you don’t know how? 

In this article, we will showcase nationalities that are not allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, discuss the procedures and restrictions on buying property there and we will cover all the details related to Turkish title deeds and other points.

First, to know, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy the unique Mediterranean climate and the beautiful nature of one of the most attractive countries in the world as turkey.

Turkey is considered the bridge between the east and the west. It has diverse cultures and traditions from both parts of the world Europe and Asia.

Locals are warm and friendly, and they welcome visitors with open arms. Residences in Turkey can meet their needs, such as food and beverages, accommodations, and entertainment at affordable prices. So, it is ideal for families, students, and workers who want to take the experience to live in a country with a safe and peaceful environment.

Many foreign visitors have taken a great interest in buy property in Turkey, as well as foreign investors have chosen Turkey to set up all types of businesses especially investing in real estate since the country provides huge benefits for them. 

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According to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey, it is allowed for Foreigners to purchase real estate to be used as workplaces or residences in Turkey.

What are the restrictions on the acquisition of real estate by a foreign person in turkey 2021-2022?

The Buyer’s Guide issued by the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey states the following conditions:

1- It is necessary to obtain permission from the military authorities in the region before foreigners can purchase real estate.

2- Your country must be one of the countries, whose citizens are allowed to acquire real estate in Turkey. 

3- Foreign natural person, who is allowed to acquire, may acquire any real estate in areas where private property is allowed such as, residence, workplace, land, field, etc.

4- The property must be free of any situation that prevents its sale including mortgage or limited real rights. 

5- The total area of ​​immovables that a foreign person can purchase in Turkey cannot exceed 30 hectares.

6- Foreign natural persons may not own real estate within military forbidden zones and military security zones. However, they are allowed to purchase real estate within special security zones upon permission of the governorship. 

7- Total acquisition by the foreign natural person may not exceed 10% of the total area.

How to verify that a property does not have any hidden problems?

You can check the property status by sending an email to the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey [email protected] , calling +90 3122128883, or by visiting ( ) to inquire about the real estate by entering information on city, district, quarter/ village, map section, and plot.  Thus, basic information on real estate, including status on the ground can be accessed from anywhere in the world online.

What are the nationalities that are not allowed to buy real estate in turkey?

All nationalities in the world are allowed to own properties in Turkey except Syria, Armenia, Cuba, Northern Korea, and Greek Cyprus.

What are the needed documents to buy property in turkey?

According to what the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey  mentioned in the Buyer’s Guide, the required

documents are:

1- land registry of the real estate or information on the village/quarter, map section, plot, building, and independent section.

2- Identity document or passport of the foreigner buyer. 

Note 🙁 Notarized and certified translations should be submitted for ID cards and passports issued in alphabets other than the Latin alphabet.). 

3- If the procedure involves representation, document regarding representation (order regarding guardianship, letter of authorization, power of attorney, etc.).

4- Document on the “current market value of the real estate” issued by the relevant municipality.

5- Mandatory earthquake insurance policy for the buildings (DASK).

6- A photo of the seller and two photos of the purchaser (shot within the last 6 months, size 6X4.

7- Certified interpreter if a party does not speak Turkish.

What is the Notary in turkey?

A notary (noter) is an official appointed by the Turkish government to authenticate documents and avoid fraud. And Turkish government departments cannot accept any document without its ratification from a Notary. 

 How can you certify the required documents written in a non-Turkish language? 

1- First, documents should be translated by a sworn translator (Yeminli Tercüman); a person authorized to translate documents from foreign languages into Turkish. It is preferable to deal with a sworn translator located near the notary in case of facing any problem with certifying the documents.

2- Second, documents must be certified by a Notary who is located in the same city where the documents will be used.

Note: The notarized documents have an expiry date, but they can be reissued from the same Notary Center at a lower cost.

Should foreigners have a resident permit in order to buy a property in turkey?  Purchasing Rules 

No, foreigners do not have to have a residence permit in order to be able to acquire real estate in Turkey. After they own real estate, they can directly get a residence permit. 

Note: according to the current International Protection Law a residence permit can be given for 1 year to a foreigner who owns immovable in turkey, provided that the owned property is used for residence purposes.  

Can you authorize someone to buy a property in turkey on your behalf?  Purchasing Rules 

Yes, If you have the intention to perform the procedure through a person authorized by means of a power of attorney issued abroad, then it has to be:

  • issued by the Turkish consulates according to the discretion over real estates,


  • issued by the authorities authorized to issue the power of attorneys abroad,
  • In the language of the country, where it is issued, 
  • with photo (with seal and signature over the photo in an exceptional manner)

Can you rent out property in turkey? Selling and Renting Rules

Yes, foreigners who have obtained a residence permit in Turkey have the right to rent their properties. And The Turkish Code of Obligations, clarify how immovables can be rented:

  • The lessee and the foreign lessor (property owner) must make a lease agreement. This situation does not differ for foreigner or Turkish citizens, the same conditions apply to both parties.
  • If the lessee is a foreign national he or she must have a residence permit in order to rent the real estate.

Can you sell a property in turkey?  Selling and Renting Rules

Yes, foreigners can sell their property. However, some different documents are required during the sale transactions. These documents;

  • The foreign owner’s ID or passport
  • DASK, Compulsory earthquake insurance policy of the property
  • Valuation report for the real estate (The valuation report is valid for 3 months from the date of application.)

What is a tapu means in turkey? 

Tapu means Title Deed in Turkish, is an official document issued by the Directorate General of Land Registry, it shows the owner of a particular piece of land or any other property.

What can happen if one of both parties decided not to make the deal? Purchasing Rules In Turkey 

In case of any dispute between the parties (buyer and seller) regarding the acquisition of the property, the situation must be reported to the judicial authorities and a lawsuit must be filed in the court of the region where the immovable property is located.

Finally, after you read which citizens are not allowed to buy a real estate in turkey, the conditions of buying a real estate by foreigners, and the details of ownership transferring process and know what is the Tapu means. You can read our next article Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Investment?

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